Microsoft Outlook Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Microsoft Outlook Login:

How to login to your Microsoft Outlook account:

1. Type the direct URL on your Web browser:

2. On the homepage, you should see a 'Sign in' link at the upper right hand side of your screen.

3. A 'Sign-in' window will appear, prompting you to choose the e-mail account to sign in to. There are separate sign-in areas for Microsoft accounts and Organizational accounts (if your e-mail is provided by your work, school, or other organization and synced with Microsoft Outlook e-mail services.

4. Once you click on either option, you will be directed to the actual sign-in page. Enter your Account Name and Password in the required fields, then click 'Sign In'.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete access to your e-mail account.



How you can reset your password:

1. On the homepage for Microsoft Outlook (, click on the 'Sign in' link at the top right side of the screen.

2. Choose the right type of Microsoft Outlook account you have (Organizational or general Microsoft).

3. Once you're on the Sign in page, you should see a link that says 'Can't access your account?' right below the 'Sign in' button. Click this link.

4. You will be redirected to the Password Recovery page. Enter your Microsoft account in the first field, and then enter the Captcha characters you will see. Click 'Next'. 

5. On the next page, you can choose to be sent an e-mail to complete the password recovery, or receive a code via your phone number on file. You can also continue by filling out the security questionnaire but this takes longer.

6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the password recovery process. 



You can get timely customer support from Microsoft Outlook by contacting them: 

Microsoft Customer Service Phone Numbers 

United States: 1-800-Microsoft (642-7676)

TTY: 1-800-892-5234


Microsoft Virtual Chat Agent


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